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Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

🌟  Embark on an Exciting Adventure with the Eastern Regional Council’s Treasure Hunt!  🌟

Calling all young explorers and adventure enthusiasts! Get ready for a thrilling journey that will take you on an unforgettable expedition through the wonders of the Eastern Region. Join us in this interactive and engaging Treasure Hunt, where you’ll solve clues, follow fascinating trails, and uncover hidden treasures alongside your parents/guardians and new friends. Along the way, you’ll meet the legendary Bertu, a talking weasel, and his human companion Sam, who will guide you through historical landmarks and intriguing locations. Feel the rush of excitement as you complete each route, earning stamps and collecting badges to showcase your achievements. Discover the beauty of nature, explore new places, and bond with your loved ones during this memorable adventure. Join the Eastern Regional Council’s Treasure Hunt and let your imagination soar as you become the heroes of your own extraordinary tale! 🗺️🌿🏅

Take advantage of this opportunity to experience the joy of exploration, teamwork, and discovery. Register now and be a part of the most thrilling treasure hunt in town! Visit our website for more information, route maps, and registration details. See you at the starting line! 🏁🚀🕵️‍♂️

 Welcome to the Eastern Regional Council’s Treasure Hunt! 

Are you ready for an exciting adventure that will take you on a journey through the wonders of the Eastern Region? The Treasure Hunt is a family-friendly event designed for children and their parents/guardians to explore the natural and urban environment around them. Join us on this unique experience filled with fun, discovery, and friendship.

 The Story of Bertu & Sam: 

Meet Sam, an adventurous soul who loved going on walks with their family and exploring the great outdoors. One fateful day, while on a walk, Sam encountered a remarkable weasel named Bertu. Astonishingly, Bertu could talk! They quickly formed an extraordinary friendship and set out to explore the Eastern Region together.

Bertu, with his unique ability to communicate, showed Sam hidden gems with historical significance that they had never noticed before. As they roamed the paths, Bertu shared captivating stories about his life and how he embraced being different from other weasels.

Throughout their adventure, Sam and Bertu encountered a plethora of intriguing things, from fascinating plants and historic buildings to traditional games and boats. Their bond grew stronger with every discovery they made together.

Though it was sad to say goodbye at the end of their first adventure, Bertu promised Sam that they would have many more exciting journeys together. True to his word, they became inseparable friends and the most adventurous explorers, embarking on new escapades whenever possible.

 Join the Treasure Hunt and Make Memories: 

Are you ready to create your own adventure like Sam and Bertu did? The Eastern Regional Council’s Treasure Hunt awaits you with intriguing clues, hidden treasures, and the chance to bond with family and friends while appreciating the beauty of the Eastern Region.

Remember, this event is about finding treasures and cherishing the beauty of nature and our surroundings. So, gather your loved ones, pack your enthusiasm, and let the journey begin!

How to Participate: 

  • Study the Route:  Before you embark on your treasure hunt, download the mobile application and familiarise yourself with the planned route. Each route is approximately 2 km long and may include unpaved roads. Pay attention to landmarks and directions, read road markings, and stay alert in specific areas. Safety first!
  • Enjoy the Experience:  Treasure hunts are all about fun and engagement. Take your time to relish the experience with your family and friends. Help others if needed and ensure the places you visit remain clean and pristine. Remember to pack enough water and snacks to keep you energised throughout your adventure.
  • Follow the Clues:  Every locality on the treasure hunt is a unique puzzle waiting to be solved. Utilize the information provided in the app and booklet to identify the next clue’s location. Team up with other participants, work together, and enjoy the camaraderie as you uncover each clue one by one.
  • Complete the Hunt:  Once you’ve completed the route in a locality, head over to the respective Local Council (check their opening hours!) to have your passport stamped and receive the Local Council’s enamel badge. Collect all 12 locality stamps and badges, and you’ll be awarded an exclusive Eastern Regional Council enamel badge, completing your collection.
  • Reflect on the Experience:  After completing the Treasure Hunt, take a moment to reflect on your journey and share your experiences with others. Discuss what you enjoyed the most and what new things you learned during this exciting adventure.

We can’t wait to see you embark on this thrilling expedition of discovery and friendship!

The project will be launched in October 2023!

Opening Hours

Opening Hours

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