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Welcome to the Kids Section

Bertu l-Ballottra

Bolol Reġjonali Kids

The Eastern Regional Council’s ‘Bolol Reġjonali’ project is around the corner! As a team we are looking into different efforts to rope in children into this regional project. Bolol Reġjonali Kids encourages children to create their own postcard and connect with this method of communication which originally started in 1873.Should your children wish to partake […]

Treasure Hunt

🌟  Embark on an Exciting Adventure with the Eastern Regional Council’s Treasure Hunt!  🌟 Calling all young explorers and adventure enthusiasts! Get ready for a thrilling journey that will take you on an unforgettable expedition through the wonders of the Eastern Region. Join us in this interactive and engaging Treasure Hunt, where you’ll solve clues, follow fascinating […]


In September 2021, the Eastern Regional Council was approached by WOT Art’s Director and Tutor, Mr. Ryan Galea to collaborate and support a project titled ‘Art for All’.  Art for All aims to invests in children’s creative and interpersonal skills. Over the last few decades, the proportion of students receiving arts education has globally shrunk […]

Starter Pack

The Eastern Regional Council has always prioritised investing in younger generations, considering they are the future. Sustainability has become a household conversation and through awareness campaigns the public is continuously learning ways to be more sustainable in their everyday life.To increase this awareness, the Eastern Regional Council has created and financed a project titled ‘Starter […]

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